The council does not provide a pest control service.

It is either the owner or the occupier of the land or property who is responsible for ensuring that infestations are eradicated.

For large scale infestations, householders are advised to engage a private pest control contractor.

Rats and Mice

Traps and treatments can be bought from most hardware stores. If numbers are large, professional treatment is advised.


Bats are a protected species. If you need advice you should consult with Scottish Natural Heritage before doing anything which might affect bats or their roosts.

Insect infestations (including ants and wasps)

These tend to be seasonal eg wasp nests. Some infestations can be treated with insecticides available from hardware stores, garden centres etc. Always follow the instructions and health and safety advice on the label.


Bees are not considered a pest, unless they pose a risk to people eg swarming in a house or chimney. Contact your local beekeepers who will arrange to take honey bees away.