When winter weather occurs, the impact on road conditions can be significant. It is important to minimise this impact in order that traffic can flow to and from our communities and that the impact to the local economy is mitigated.

We are obliged to take reasonable steps to prevent snow and ice endangering the safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians on our roads and footways. In line with our statutory duty, carriageway and footway treatment routes have been reviewed to reflect the importance of the network. Main gritting routes now concentrate on our strategic, main and secondary distributor roads for carriageways, and prestige, primary and secondary routes for footways.

Please see our road gritting priority and footpath gritting priority maps for information in your area.

If you have an enquiry about our treatments, please contact us:

Development Services
Abbotsford House
Davids Loan

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Winter Service Policy 2018 - 2019