If anyone cannot pay their council tax instalments on 1 April or 1 May as they can only pay in person, or they have seen a reduction in household income, we will not send any reminders. We would ask that:

  • those who can pay by direct debit do so (and this can be set up online)
  • those who can pay online can pay their instalments
  • those who can only pay in person make payment when it is safe to do so and set aside the funds to catch up with overdue instalments at that time
  • those who cannot afford to catch up with instalments should let us know and we can to spread payments from June to March (rather than April to January)

Households with a low income may be entitled to a Council Tax Reduction.

For existing Direct Debit payers instalments will be deducted on date(s) previously notified. Those going on to Direct Debit as they can no longer pay in person will receive confirmation of their instalment dates in advance of first payment.