The Council's response to the current COVID - 19 pandemic is evolving in line with government advice, and we are updating information as the situation changes. We must, however, ensure the welfare of the community and our staff while trying to maintain business continuity for our customers.

Our office is now closed and will remain so until further notice. Staff in the Development Management, Building Standards and Administrative Support Units are now, where possible, working from home, and will continue to progress current applications, warrants, enforcement cases, general and pre-application enquiries as much as we are able.

Individual officers can be contacted via email or direct dial phone numbers both of which appear on all correspondence. By necessity, working practices have changed.

No face to face meetings or site visits are taking place. Difficulties in the publication of press notices and the delivery of neighbour notification letters will also impact on our ability to deliver a full service. All councils are working with the Scottish Government to find workable solutions and we await advice/guidance.

It is an unfortunate reality that staff shortages will impact on service delivery and we ask that you bear with us. The teams will be doing their best to keep applications and warrants moving, but under the circumstances we have made the following changes:

Duty/drop-in service

The Planning and Building Standards duty drop-in service is now suspended.

You can still view and comment on applications at

The service can still be contacted by email:

Development Management

Submitting planning and building warrant applications

We are no longer able to process paper applications and for the time being we cannot accept application payments by phone, cheque or via the Council's online payment facility.

Payments for planning and building warrant applications must therefore be made through the Scottish Government eDevelopment portal at the time of submission. We ask applicants and agents to accept this as necessary at this time to allow applications to be submitted and processed.

Pre-application advice service

Face to face or on-site pre-application advice has been temporarily withdrawn to allow us to concentrate our efforts on processing and determining current applications and enforcement cases.

Clients can still contact officers by telephone or email. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, but with a depleted staff and a focus on ensuring front line services are maintained, this is necessary. We will keep these and other changes under review, and revise our information as the service adapts.

In terms of official Council committee business, all meetings have been postponed until further notice. These include the Planning Committee and meetings of the Planning Review Committee. We are currently exploring alternative ways of working to maintain as much of the service as possible.