There will be a mobile COVID-19 testing unit at Grangemouth Sports Complex from Saturday 30 January until Wednesday 3 February.

Grangemouth Sports Complex
Abbots Road

The testing centre is being targeted at local businesses and people who work in the Grangemouth area but is also available to anyone living in the local community even if they don’t currently have any of the common symptoms of COVID-19.

How to book

You can make an appointment via the GOV.UK website or by calling:

No symptoms testing


  1. Many people who spread COVID-19 have no symptoms.
  2. Testing people who have no symptoms can identify many of these people
  3. Any testing only detects some (not all) of those infectious at that moment in time. A person may test negative but become positive and infectious a couple of hours later.
  4. Everyone should act as if they are infectious by wearing a face mask, staying two metres away others, washing hands regularly and using hand sanitiser. Continue to follow the national FACTS advice at all times, including during breaks and after work.
  5. Testing is an extra layer in protecting ourselves and others. Encouraging Vaccination, observing FACTS and staying at home unless essential to go out are everyone's responsibility even if they have tested negative .
  6. People who have been vaccinated may still be able to spread COVID-19 and should participate in community testing.
  7. Detecting people without symptoms helps reduce spread, prevents further outbreaks and saves lives. If asked, please get tested.

Frequently asked questions

Below is a collection of frequently asked questions to assist with what to expect from the booking process.

Who is being asked to get tested and why?

The priority for this MTU is individuals who work in the Grangemouth area. We have seen an increase in transmission between colleagues within their workplaces, probably due to the new more infectious variant. We would like to identify anyone who may be carrying the infection without knowing to stop further spread.

I have already tested positive for Coronavirus, should I get tested again?

If your positive test was less than 90 days ago you should not get tested again, unless you are now displaying Coronavirus symptoms. If your positive test was more than 90 days ago you can get tested again.

I don't work in Grangemouth, can I still get tested at the Grangemouth MTU?

Yes, you will still be able to make an appointment. If you have Coronavirus symptoms and this is your closest test site then you are welcome to make use of it – it is important you get a test as soon as possible. If you work in an area close to Grangemouth and you have concerns about workplace transmission you could also book a test. You can put in your workplace Grangemouth post code but later when prompted for personal details please enter home address

Is this a drive-through testing centre?

Yes, it is a drive-through centre although if you have no access to a car then walk-in appointments can be booked. Please remember to wear a face mask or covering and observe the rules on physical distancing by staying at least two metres apart whether accessing by car or on foot. Do not take a taxi or car share with anyone outside your household contact group to get to the testing centre.

I have tried to get an appointment but the Grangemouth MTU isn’t showing up, is something wrong?

The MTU doesn’t show up for booking if the appointments have not been released or it is fully booked. Appointments will only be released each evening for the following morning and in the morning for appointments that afternoon. Appointments will be available to book around 7pm on Friday 29 Jan for the morning of Saturday 30 Jan and will then be released around 7am for that afternoon. This continues for each session.

I have tried to get an appointment but can’t get one, can I just turn up?

No, you need to have an appointment to attend.

Please try to call or check online at another time. Sometimes the first day or two is the busiest so try after that if you have no symptoms.

Can I choose my appointment?

You get the option to choose from what is available at that time. For example, if you are booking in the evening, you would be offered all available time slots the following morning but you can’t pick a day/time further ahead than what has been released. If the available time doesn’t suit you could try to book at a later time.

Should I use my work postcode or my home postcode?

If you work in Grangemouth but live elsewhere you should add your work postcode. This will then access the closest available test centre to Grangemouth. You will later be asked for your personal details and home address and it will auto-fill with the postcode you have already entered so you need to manually change it at that stage. If you live in Grangemouth add your home postcode when first asked.

Can I book my family members in when I book a test for myself?

Yes, when you book you will be asked if you also have other family members to be booked.

I work 12 hour shifts, can the hours of the MTU be extended?

We have extended the usual times of operation so it is 9:30am until 6pm. The MTU opening hours cannot be extended further. We have asked many employers within the Grangemouth area to be flexible and, if possible, release staff for testing during their working day. You should therefore ask your employer if this is possible.

I don’t have any symptoms so should I get tested?

Yes. Some individuals who have Coronavirus don’t show any symptoms but can still pass the infection on. We are trying to identify any of these asymptomatic cases to prevent the infection spreading.

Do I have to say that I have symptoms to get a test?

No, you should select the option 'My local council or health protection team has asked me to get a test, even though I do not have symptoms’ when booking a test.

If individuals who don’t have symptoms take all the testing slots does that mean that someone who has symptoms won’t be able to get tested?

No, this MTU is an extra testing facility. The usual testing locations are still available for anyone with symptoms.

I have already tested negative for Coronavirus, should I get tested again?

Yes, if your test was more than a few days ago. The test result is only valid for the day of the test. You could have become infected at any point after that.

Do I have to self-isolate after getting the test until I get results?

If you have no symptoms then you do not have to self-isolate between the test and the result. If you are accessing this MTU because you are symptomatic the usual rules apply – you and your household contacts must self-isolate until a negative results is received.

I have received the first dose of my vaccination, should I still get tested?

Yes. The vaccination does not appear to prevent you from spreading any infection.

What will happen if I test positive?

If you test positive you will get a text advising you and giving further information. Test & Protect will contact you to give you advice and to assess who else has to self-isolate as close contacts. You will have to self-isolate for 10 days from the date of your test, or symptoms starting, and any close contacts will have to self-isolate for 10 days since their last contact with you.

If I test positive who are my close contacts?

A close contact is any individual you have been in close contact with in the 48 hours before your test (if not symptomatic) or 48 hours before your symptoms started and until you receive your positive test result – this is known as the "infectious period" when you could pass on the infection. This would involve all those within your own household and any extended household, if contact was made during that period. In addition, any other individual who meets the criteria of face-to-face contact, within 1 metre for 1 minute, or within 2 metres for 15 minutes or more over the infectious period. This may involve colleagues. It is important that you reduce your close contacts at all times to reduce the number of individuals you could infect.

I have been identified as a close contact of a positive case but I don’t have any symptoms, can I go back to work if I get a negative test result?

No. If you are identified as a close contact you must self-isolate for the full period of 10 days. This is because it can take up to 10 days to become infected.

If I am off work because I have symptoms, have tested positive or have been identified as a close contact, do I still get paid?

You should speak to your employer about this. Scottish Government has published the Coronavirus (COVID-19): fair work statement that states that “no worker should be financially penalised for following medical advice. Any absence relating to COVID-19 should not affect future sick pay entitlement or other entitlements like holiday or accrued time. It should not result in formal attendance related warnings or be accumulated with non-COVID-19 related absences in future absence management figures.” The Self-Isolation Support Grant provides £500 for low income workers who are in receipt of Universal Credit or other benefits and will lose earnings as a result of having to self-isolate. For more information call the National Helpline on 0800 111 4000 or online Scottish Government

Can I book my child a test?

Yes. Children under 11 must be swabbed by the parent or carer.

Do I swab myself or can I get help with this?

You must swab yourself. If there is going to be a problem with that please contact the helpline on 0300 303 2713.