Things to be aware of as you prepare to visit:

  • The direct access roads to both sites must be kept clear at all times - this allows other road traffic, which may include emergency vehicles and public transport services to flow uninterrupted.
  • Our traffic management, as agreed with Police Scotland, does not allow vehicles to perform a right turn into either site - traffic information and diversion signs are in place on access routes to both sites.
  • You may be asked to consider visiting at a later time or date.
  • When necessary you will be asked to keep moving, with no queuing permitted beyond points being managed by site staff, and follow the diversion (a loop is in place should you wish to reattempt access).
  • When sites are busy, this may mean that you are moved on and the vehicle behind you is allowed access, this being possible as a vehicle has subsequently left the site.
  • Site staff will advise/determine when last vehicles for each day can join (off direct access road) queue.
  • Be aware that sites remain busy, a limited number of vehicles are allowed on site at any time, and only visit a site if you can't safely store waste at home.
  • Be patient and courteous with site staff, and each other. We do not tolerate rude or aggressive behaviour, threats or violence towards our staff.

Vans, pick-up trucks and commercial vehicles

From 01 April 2021 if you drive a van, pick up truck or other commercial vehicle, and intend using the recycling centres to dispose of your own household waste, you need a household waste e-permit.

Our Household Waste Recycling Centres are for Falkirk Council residents only. We have had to make changes, and you need to know what to expect before visiting.

Opening hours

Day Kinneil Roughmute
Monday 8am to 6pm 8am to 6pm
Tuesday 8am to 6pm CLOSED
Wednesday 8am to 6pm CLOSED
Thursday CLOSED 8am to 6pm
Friday CLOSED 8am to 6pm
Saturday 8am to 6pm 8am to 6pm
Sunday 8am to 6pm 8am to 6pm

Last entry to both sites will be 5:45pm.

  • Be prepared to queue
  • Temporary traffic arrangements will be in place
  • We expect sites to be busy, with queues forming from early morning
  • Site rules will be in place to ensure social distancing measures can be followed at all times
  • Site staff will be unable to assist with carrying items
  • Drivers of vans/pickups or other commercial type vehicles need a household waste e-permit. When you arrive at the site, please ensure you follow COVID-19 restrictions and place your smart device against your car window for the site staff to scan your household waste e-permit.
  • Be patient and courteous with site staff, and each other. We do not tolerate rude or aggressive behaviour, threats or violence towards our staff
  • When leaving the site, remember not to touch your face, and to wash your hands as soon as possible.

Journeys to our recycling centres should be for excess waste which cannot be stored safely at home and disposed of through the normal kerbside collections. For tips on how to manage waste visit

  • If you can use the bulky uplift service for the waste you wish to deposit, book an uplift. Each household is entitled to one free bulky uplift per year.
  • Use the recycling points for excess glass/cans and textiles

Site rules

Staff will be on site to guide you to the correct bays and ensure everyone remains safe.

  • To access one of our sites you will need to provide proof of address, please bring a utility bill or similar with you – to enable viewing through your windscreen, please display this on your vehicle dashboard
  • Where possible only one person per vehicle should access the site
  • A limited number of vehicles will be allowed access at one time
  • Social distancing measures must be followed at all times
  • While queuing, remain in your vehicle at all times
  • Follow the signs on site to the correct bays

If the site needs to close for any reason during opening hours eg to use machinery to bulk waste, we will keep this to a minimum to allow public access to the site to resume as quickly as possible.

Site maps

Each site operates on a one-way system with bays available for a number of recyclables and general waste.

To allow as steady a flow as possible round each of the sites, it would helpful to load your vehicle according to where each bay is on the map.

Roughmute Recycling Centre

  1. Garden waste
  2. Outgoing compost
  1. Oil & batteries (car and domestic)
  2. Light bulbs
  3. Tyres
  4. Plastics, cartons and cans
  5. Paper & cardboard
  6. Mixed glass
  7. Mixed glass
  8. Textiles (including shoes)
  9. Books
  10. Carpets
  11. Plasterboard
  12. Soil and rubble
  13. White goods
  14. Fridges and freezers
  15. Cardboard
  16. Scrap metal
  17. Wood
  18. Large bulky furniture
  19. Small electric appliances
  20. Landfill (non recyclable waste, such as paint tins)
  21. TV's and monitors
  22. Bicycles
  23. Gas bottles
  24. IT equipment

Kinneil Kerse Recycling Centre

  1. Paper
  2. Plastics cartons and cans
  3. Glass
  4. Glass
  5. Textiles (including shoes)
  6. Tyres
  7. Plaster board
  8. Carpets
  9. Bikes
  10. TV's and monitors
  11. Vehicle batteries
  12. Domestic batteries
  13. Light bulbs
  14. Cardboard
  15. White goods
  16. Soil and rubble
  17. Garden waste
  18. Road sweepers (council use only)
  19. Fridges and freezers
  20. Gas bottles
  21. Mineral oil
  22. Bulky furniture
  23. Scrap metal
  24. Wood
  25. Landfill (non recyclable waste, such as paint tins)
  26. IT equipment
  27. Small electrical appliances

Commercial waste

Access for commercial waste will be available at Kinneil Recycling Centre only where Small Trader Tipping Permits can be purchased.

Small Trader Permits cannot currently be purchased at our Advice & Support Hubs.

Alternative sites to deposit commercial waste within Falkirk area include:

  • Foundry Steels, Clyde Street, Grangemouth
  • A W Jenkinson Woodwaste Ltd. Carriden Industrial Estate, Bo'ness
  • Central Demolition Limited, Chatton Works Industrial Estate, Bonnybridge
  • Avondale Environmental Limited, Avondale Road, Falkirk

To check that a site is registered to accept waste visit SEPA's website.

Frequently asked questions

What should I do before I visit a recycling centre?

Check this page and social media for updates, particularly in the first few days of reopening. If the traffic maps indicate queuing time is lengthy, consider travelling at another time.

  • Load your car in the order you will deposit the waste
  • We are accepting all materials on site but our site staff can't assist you with any unloading
  • Consider wearing disposal gloves and bringing hand sanitiser for use after unloading (you should wash your hands with soap as soon as possible)

Will I be able to get assistance to lift my waste when at the recycling centre?

No. Due to social distancing, our staff cannot assist you with lifting any items.

If you cannot safely manage waste on your own, a second person from your household should accompany you in your vehicle.

Our bulky uplift service can be used to dispose of larger items or store the item at home until assistance restrictions are relaxed.

Why isn't there a booking system?

We have looked at various options, such as online booking systems, but we believe our system ensures the widest access to all members of the public.

Is it okay to bring my garden waste in black bags?

Yes, but you will be required to tip contents into the garden waste bay, with empty bags then placed in the landfill waste. Don't over pack bags, as garden waste can be very heavy, and we can't assist you with unloading due to social distancing requirements.