The Falkirk Registration Office is closed to the public until further notice. The registration team is still at work.

Birth registrations

We are not taking any appointments for birth registrations. The normal 21-day timeframe for in-person registration of births has been suspended. The Registrar General is working with UK government departments to develop an acceptable means of verifying Scottish births without registration. We will start the postponed birth registrations as soon as we have information that in-person attendance at an appointment is allowed.

Death and still-birth registrations

A new process of remote registration has been introduced under the Coronavirus Act. This means that death and still-birth registrations can be done by telephone, without any need for the informant to attend the registration office in person.

  • We will receive the medical certificate of cause of death via email from the doctor.
  • Bereaved families will be advised to contact the registration office where they will be allocated an appointment to complete the registration by telephone.
  • The Form 14 will be emailed to the funeral director or posted to you if preferred.
  • Death certificates purchased after the completion of registration will be posted to you.
  • We will not be operating the Tell Us Once service. However, we will issue a reference number and website address for this to be used at home.

Marriages and Civil Partnerships

As the registration office is closed, all planned ceremonies are cancelled.
Following advice on the prevention of public gatherings from the UK and Scottish Government, marriages and civil partnerships will not take place in the pandemic period except in the case of a serious or terminal illness, or other circumstances where there is a clear and pressing need for a couple to marry.

For couples who have already submitted marriage notice papers:

  • The Registrar General has given authority for the usual 3-month notice period to be extended without new notices being lodged if the marriage is to take place before 31 December 2020.
  • Couples who have postponed weddings to 2021 will need to resubmit documents. However the statutory fee paid (and Council fees for civil weddings) will be carried over to the new wedding date.

Extract certificates

We can still provide extract certificates. These can be ordered online. If you are unable to order online, please contact the office.

Citizenship ceremonies

The registration team hold citizenship ceremonies on behalf of the Home Office. We are not holding any ceremonies whilst the office is closed to the public.

European Passport Return Service

This service is currently suspended.

Contact us

You can still contact us by telephone on or by email on