As part of our response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), and in light of current government advice, roads and grounds maintenance services have moved to a minimum critical level of service delivery.

Detailed below are the functions which are prioritised:

Pothole repairs and defects

Repairs will be prioritised in line with the hierarchy class of the road, ie the more important the route and the higher the traffic volume it carries, the higher the priority for repair, and will only be undertaken where essential to the safety of road users.

Winter service delivery (gritting)

We undertake winter maintenance treatment of roads and footways on a priority basis with those roads and footpaths subjected to the greatest volumes of vehicular/pedestrian traffic regarded as top priority, such as; routes to hospitals, schools and public buildings. Treatments across the remainder of the network reduces according to the importance of the route and the traffic that it accommodates. Our service will now reduce to our defined resilience routes.

Public utility co-ordination (NRSWA)

While organisations such as BT, SGN, Scottish Water etc are still working on our road network, we are continuing to co-ordinate this work in line with our duty. In the current critical minimum service scenario, we have made contingency for staff to be on-hand to deal with emergencies. This includes dealing with temporary traffic lights and temporary road closures currently in place to facilitate roadworks. Road user safety is of paramount importance and each site will be assessed for safety.

Road permits will be processed relevant to their priority, and there may be delays in processing new applications.

Roads surfacing operations

We are reverting to critical minimum level of service delivery, with available staff utilised in other areas of statutory service delivery, therefore road resurfacing work has been suspended at this time.

Drainage and flooding work will be responded to on an emergency basis only, and drainage teams will not enter properties.

Street lighting

Our priority will be to make safe dangerous situations such as exposed wiring and road traffic accidents. Attendance at sections of failed lighting will be considered a lower priority and attendance to repair individual failed lights may be suspended.

Grounds maintenance

All grounds maintenance services were suspended in accordance with the Government guidance issued on 23 March 2020. However, as we are now in the growing season, we are implementing a restricted grass cutting operation to maintain key public open spaces.

Our aim is to ensure these spaces remain suitable for the purpose of 'once a day' exercise in line with Government guidance and restrictions.

These spaces will be serviced by a single operator tractor mower to ensure compliance with national restrictions and guidance for the safety of our employees during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.