The Scottish Government guidance for reopening schools particularly around trying to keep children within individual groups or "bubbles" has restricted the use and availability of dining halls for normal wider school use and has presented challenges for the preparation, serving and delivery of hot meals.

Planning work has already started with Headteachers to move to a full resumption of the normal meal service and an update on this will be provided at the end of January 2021.

Details of the meal service that will be provided from 7 January 2021 are provided below.

    Early Learning & Childcare Centres & Primary Schools

    The grab bag menu choice will now be extended to include hot choices each day with cold options also being available as normal.

    The Grab Bag Menu will continue to be served to pupils in their classrooms.

    The revised 3 weekly Grab bag menu for Jan return will be available to view from week commencing 21 December and will include the daily sweet/fruit selection

    Secondary Schools

    The normal hot and cold food and drink provision is available at the mid-morning break.

    An extended range of hot lunchtime takeaway choices will now be available along with hot and cold drinks.

    Special Schools

    The meal provision in Special Schools is the same as the relevant provision in Primary and Secondary schools.


    Parents can pay and pre order their child's lunch using the i-Pay system.

    Primary menus are currently loaded on a 3 -week rotation, this provides flexibility and allows any menu changes to be made with minimal disruption to parents' preorder choices.

    Parents will be able to preorder January meal choices on the Primary menu plan from Week Commencing 21 December.

    Support for Families Experiencing Food Insecurity

    Any family facing food insecurity can also contact our Support for people team for assistance or sign posting to other support. The team can be contacted on 0808 100 3161.