Following announcements from the Deputy First Minister and the Scottish Qualifications Authority, the implications are being considered and acted upon to ensure the young people who are in the Senior Phase and engaged in SQA Qualifications will not be disadvantaged due to the alternative approaches to assessment and certification.

Current position

The announcement for National 5 was made in October 2020 and this was followed in December 2020 with Higher and Advanced Higher examinations being cancelled.

In May and June 2021 young people will not sit any SQA exams. There will be no National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher external examinations. Instead, young people will receive their awards in August 2021, based on the professional judgement of their teachers from the demonstrated evidence they have gathered from assessments. Young people will be informed of their working grades via schools' tracking and monitoring processes.

The provisional results which are submitted will be based on demonstrated pupil evidence and the moderated assessment judgements made by subject specialists.

This evidence will be quality assured through a robust process at subject, whole school and local authority levels. For subject areas with smaller numbers a regional approach to quality assurance will be adopted where necessary.

At all stages prior to the submission of provisional results to SQA, learning, teaching and assessment will continue.

Schools have identified assessment opportunities and continue to plan to ensure young people can have the opportunity to demonstrate their attainment and also avoid being over-burdened with assessment.

Assessments will predominately take place later in the session, which is in line with SQA guidance. Learning and teaching remains the priority during this period of remote and blended learning as the assessment of learner evidence cannot be undertaken unless young people have the foundation of teaching and learning of course content.

Schools will have provisional grades ready by 11 June 2021 with further SQA moderation and quality assurance taking place thereafter before final submission to SQA by Friday 25 June 2021 in order that SQA can work on delivering final grades.

SQA continue to update their qualifications guidance for parents/carers.