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Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice

From 23 March 2020 gatherings of more than 2 people are banned unless for a funeral, where only immediate family should attend.

The only permissible reasons to leave your home are as follows:

  • To shop for basic necessities and that should be limited to once a day
  • To take exercise once a day - alone or only with your own household, not in groups or with friends
  • For medical reasons or to care for a vulnerable person
  • To travel to essential work - if you cannot work from home. Further guidance to employers is pending.

General advice

A-Z topics

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Addiction support

  • Turn to us - Info and advice for people affected by substance use, alcohol use or both.


If you're not working because of coronavirus. You might be able to claim benefits if you've lost your job or you're self-employed and can't get work. What you can claim will depend on your situation. You can check if you can claim:

Benefits Assessments - Face to Face interviews suspended from 19 March 2020 for 3 months, benefits paid as normal

Universal Credit Problems? Citizens Advice Information


Business advice



Domestic abuse

Family support services

Financial difficulty - (see Benefits too)



  • Action Fund - Funding for community groups to support people in their communities affected by coronavirus

Gypsy Traveller Community


Home learning

Support for Parents and YP from Falkirk Council Director of Children's Services

As a result of the announced school closures we have been planning how children will work from home. The information I am providing today will help you support your child in their learning over what might be a prolonged closure.

All children have been provided with a Glow log-in and password. Glow can be accessed from any device that has access to the internet. Younger pupils may need some help.

Pupils will be able to log-in to Glow and access information in 2 ways; email and Microsoft Teams. These are the methods that staff will use to distribute activities and keep in contact. Staff will email activities on a daily basis and will be available for online communication with pupils between 10-12, Monday to Friday, during term time.

It is important that we provide daily activities/tasks that can be completed at home in isolation and without the need for resources. To this end we will suggest:

  • Web links to curricular activities such as Sumdog, BBC Bitesize, Oxfordowl etc (see website information below)
  • Reading, writing and spelling challenges
  • Maths challenges and revision
  • Topic research
  • Reviews of games/movies/TV programmes
  • Some Health and Wellbeing challenges

As all children may not have access to ICT there will be a mix of activities.

We would also recommend reading an age appropriate book, writing an imaginative story, reviewing a product/ movie/book (and this could be a video or written report) or playing a board game. Children could also make up a quiz on a topic they have been covering in school or use construction materials like Lego or K'Nex to build something topic related.

Jotters will be given to each pupil to record their work. Textbooks and reading books will not be distributed.

Some classes may use Microsoft Teams and this will allow a degree of online discussion with the teacher and class. Each teacher will arrange a daily time for this to take place.

Can I urge you not to use this forum for personal matters, to ask for individual reports or to request specific work for your child? Please note I have directed staff not to respond to such requests.

As a family you will have a lot of different priorities over the coming weeks. Please do not feel pressure to complete all tasks set. For all of us our main priority is to keep our children safe and well. The tasks are there to support families at this time and should not be a burden. Wishing you all the best.

For parents and carers of children in sever and complex settings, Windsor Park and the Inclusion and Wellbeing Service, specialist guidance and advice has already been distributed directly from these schools.


Pupils can access lots of learning activities through GLOW. All pupils have their log in and password. Please let your school know if you do not have these.



Arts & Culture

Nature learning

Complex Needs Home Learning Resources

University of Edinburgh

Home Learning - Other websites:

  • Bitesize - Learning for all of the curriculum all across the school years
  • Cbeebies - A mix of games and puzzles - good for Early and 1st Level - some have a learning and revision element
  • David Walliams - FREE audio story each day
  • Doorway Online - Literacy and Numeracy tasks - particularly for Early and 1st Level
  • DuoLingo - Language learning website that is totally free with fun reading, speaking and writing activities.
  • Education City - Has some free resources for literacy and numeracy
  • ICT Games - Literacy and numeracy games for across the years, works on tablets/iPad
  • BBC Teach Live Lessons for primary schools
  • Kahoot - Website with thousands of quizzes on various subjects
  • StudyLadder - Free during school hours

Other sites recommended by staff or recently featured in news articles about learning at home:

  • Brainpop - animated movies on topics in maths, science and English
  • Creative Bug - offers craft lessons, from knitting to jewellery-making, drawing and origami
  • Parentzone - Education/ Learning at Home section of Scottish Government site with lots of info and resources
  • TED Ed - Short video clips, based on the popular TED Talks
  • Twinkle Cosmic Kids - many nurseries use this site for getting kids moving and mindfulness
  • Tynker - coding lesson for kids
  • Twitter - most schools and nurseries are on twitter and will have posted ideas about learning at home. You can join twitter via the app on a smartphone or on a computer on the twitter page.


Some good Twitter sites to follow:

  • @CSCommsFalkirk - official twitter page for Falkirk Council Children's Services
  • @FCEYteam - FC Early Years Central Team - will post weekly ideas for wee ones
  • @EdPsychFalkirk - Falkirk Council Educational Psychology Team
  • @FalkirkIMS - Falkirk Instrumental Music Service
  • @RSNO - Royal Scottish National Orchestra
  • @NYCOScotland - National Youth Choir of Scotland
  • @YMIFalkirk - Youth Music Initiative Falkirk



Falkirk Council Tenants

Essential services only being provided during coronavirus outbreak. This information may change. Please check our dedicated Coronavirus (COVID-19) page regularly.

  • Repairs - Emergency repairs only, all other repairs will be rescheduled.
  • Rent no charge period - June to July and Dec to Jan 21 will be brought forward to Monday 30 March 2020. No rent will be charged for 5 weeks.
  • Rent & Council Tax - No action will be taken if you cannot pay due to coronavirus. If you pay in person, stay at home. We will defer your April 1st and May 1st Payment and you can catch up in June. You may want to put his money aside. You can also set up a Direct Debit on the Falkirk Council webpage. Normal direct debit payments will be taken If you need to cancel a direct debit please contact your bank.
  • Housing needs service - homeless people and those being discharged from hospital will be prioritised during this time.
  • Housing allocations and options have been suspended to focus on essential services.

Remember you can access our financial difficulty information for more advice.

Social Landlord / Private tenants

The Scottish government has confirmed that no social or private tenant will be evicted as a result of financial hardship caused by coronavirus. Please contact your housing provider/landlord if you are having difficulty paying your rent due to coronavirus.

You can access more information on housing advice / rights during coronavirus at the following:

Please also see our financial difficulty information.

Lone parents - (see Family support services too)

Medical conditions & coronavirus

  • British Dietetic Association - Dietitians and the BDA have been asked many questions about nutrition and dietary issues related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
  • Coeliac Disease - Coronavirus and Coeliac Disease Need to talk? Call Coeliac Disease Helpline on 0333 332 2033
  • Diabetes UK- Coronavirus advice for people living with Diabetes.
  • Choose To Lose - Wanting to lose weight and keep it off for good! At Choose To Lose you'll find self-monitoring worksheets to help support you on your weight loss journey and diaries to keep a track of what you eat.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

For adults

For parents

For young people

Physical activity

During stay at home we are still allowed to go out and exercise once a day. You can walk with anyone from your own household, cycle, run. Please check government guidance as this might change. If running isn't your thing, there's lots of indoor things you can do, have a google. Here's a couple of resources that might help:

Pregnancy & postnatal

Babies and nutrition

Older people / Grandparents

Advice right now is telling us to stay at home. This means we can't all see our parents/grandparents.

CVS Falkirk are co-ordinating the community response during the outbreak. Please contact 01324 692000 for more information.

Falkirk Coronavirus Community Support Facebook pages - search for your area (they can offer to help with shopping etc)

Falkirk Islamic Centre Facebook page - for contacts for older people in your community.

Isolation and coronavirus advice from NHS - See NHS guidance at end of this document.

Supermarkets - some are doing special opening for older people and their carers, check local shops or order online for relatives.

Eat Well Age Well - Great tips and resources on a wide variety of food related issues including preventing malnutrition. @EatWellScot

Redundancy support for Individuals and Employers

The Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE) service offer is available both online and via the phone, for both individuals and employers who are looking for support in redundancy related matters. Individuals and employers can call the helpline on 0800 917 8000 or visit

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) PACE Careers Advisers are available offering support to individuals via telephone, Skype or online. To speak to a Careers Adviser, call your local SDS Centre Team on 01324 620311 or visit My World of Work.

Skills Development Scotland (Falkirk) are continuing to support young people and adults with careers and apprenticeship advice across Falkirk online, by telephone (01324 620311) and on GLOW.

Substance use

Volunteering during coronavirus

  • CVS Falkirk are co-ordinating volunteering during the coronavirus outbreak