When working in a Council office there are some straightforward things we can all do to help reduce the risk of COVID transmission. Whilst more employees are able to work within our buildings, home working and hybrid working should still be used to help reduce footfall to the office and help employees reduce their personal exposure to COVID-19:

  • Building occupancy is currently reduced to 50% (this will be increased as we transition to our hybrid working model). This helps ensure employees and visitors have the space to spread out in the workplace and also stops common areas from being heavily congested. Give everyone some personal space – keep a distance of 1 metre between yourself and others.

  • Make sure the desk booking app is used where it is available.

  • Maximise ventilation in the work area. Keep windows open in the office and also meeting rooms. Just make sure they're closed at the end of the day.

  • Wear a face covering in communal areas of the building and also in situations where you can't keep 1 metre distance (this includes working at desks).

  • Clean your work area down at the end of the day with the spray provided.

  • Ensure you continue to take lateral flow tests in line with Scottish Government guidance.

In the event that a positive or suspected COVID case has attended the building we've got a simple process to follow in order to keep the area safe. We're also continuing to ensure Council buildings are getting enhanced cleaning regimes.