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Elected Members will be asked to consider several reports at the Council's Executive on Tuesday, 6 December.

In total, 11 reports will be presented to members for consideration including proposals to:

  • reduce the number of properties the Council owns
  • make changes to Waste Services

A further update on the Council’s current financial position will also be presented.

No decision will be made on any recommendation made within the reports until the Executive meets on 6 December. You can watch the meeting live from 10am on the day.

Below you’ll find summaries of the key reports listed and links to the full papers.

Strategic Property Review

The report puts forward proposals to significantly reduce the number of buildings the Council owns and lays out the potential economic and environmental benefits of keeping a smaller number of better quality and more energy efficient properties.

It puts forward more than 100 buildings that could be rationalised over the next three years and proposes a £6m fund be established to help support:

  • service modernisation and co-location
  • alternative service delivery models
  • communities to take ownership of buildings through Community Asset Transfers.

The report also asks Councillors to agree in principle that a report be prepared on the closure of four secondary school swimming pools that would reduce energy costs and consumption.

If the report is agreed, community consultation will be undertaken early in the New Year to inform communities and explore both alternative service delivery models and Community Asset Transfer. A report would then come back to Executive to allow Councillors to make a final decision on the buildings.

If you are an employee working from one of the buildings being put forward for potential transfer or closure, a staff briefing has been prepared.

Waste Services Review

The report proposes several alterations to the Council’s Waste Services that will help the Council meet future legislative and regulatory changes, improve waste management and contribute to the Council’s green transition.

Projected Financial position 2022/23

The financial report projects an overspend of £1.8m for 2022/23 and summarises the work that is ongoing across services to make savings.

Falkirk 2022 Delivering Best Value – Strategic Action Plan Progress

The report is the second to be taken to the Executive this year, and highlights progress made against our Best Value Action Plan and how it is helping to deliver on Council priorities.