Latest update
With our budget for 2023/24 now approved, Chief Executive Kenneth Lawrie has prepared a short video to tell employees what it means for the organisation - and the future. He also sends a message of thanks to all staff.

Kenneth's message

"Hi, I'm Kenneth Lawrie, Chief Executive of Falkirk Council.

Last week councillors approved our budget for the coming year, which helps us take an important step towards financial sustainability.

Although there is a long way to go to identify the £63m we need to save over the next four years, real progress has been made, thanks - in part - to decisions being taken on budget day but also throughout the year.

By taking this approach, it's allowed us to be more proactive with our financial planning against a backdrop of increasing prices and demand for services.

Now with budget day behind us, it's time to focus on the future. To identify the remaining savings needed to close our longer-term gap, and transform what we do, so we can put all our efforts into supporting communities and delivering our priorities.

I know it isn’t easy working in the public sector at the moment, as there are so many competing demands. That is why I want to thank you all for your hard work. Regardless of what the world has thrown at you in recent years, your commitment has never wavered.

And I know, from having visited some of our teams recently - such as colleagues in Resettlement, in Building Maintenance, and Library Services - that our commitment to serving the people of Falkirk remains strong.

You have continued to do your job to the highest level regardless of the challenges and uncertainty that we face.

I know it may feel overwhelming at times and that is why I want you to stop, to take a moment, and to recognise the hugely important role you play in supporting communities.

Never forget you make a positive difference and your efforts are greatly appreciated."