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Over the last five years the Council has spent over £650k removing illegal fly tipping from rural and urban communities.

And in 2017, over 1,800 incidents of fly tipping were recorded across the Falkirk Council area – costing the Council £135k to remove items which included couches, mattresses and general household waste.

Now the issue is set to be tackled thanks to a series of recommendations from a recent Scrutiny Panel on fly tipping. Set up in March 2018, the Panel (Cllr Allyson Black, Cllr Coleman and Cllr Patrick)  gathered evidence and made recommendations based on their findings to last week’s Executive meeting.

The panel investigated the issue of fly tipping thoroughly which included an online survey, feedback from national organisations and local communities. Two Scottish Councils also shared their approach to fly tipping from a preventative and enforcement perspective.

Councillor Allyson Black, Chair of the Scrutiny Panel said: “We had an in-depth look at fly tipping and we are now better informed on how to tackle this blight on our communities.

“Fly tipping is illegal and a criminal offence and we will continue to use all current available methods alongside new ways to prevent fly tipping or catch those who persist with this criminal activity.”

The Panel made a number of recommendations which are now being investigated by officers, they include:

  • A review of the cost and charging for fly tipping
  • All residents are reminded to dispose of rubbish and waste using the appropriate methods and facilities
  • Set up a trusted trader’s scheme
  • Establish a freecycle/reuse scheme for items of furniture developed in partnership with the 3rd sector.

According to the survey results 43% of respondents think fly tipping is a moderate problem in their area and 35% consider it a serious problem. 50% of respondents consider it easy or very easy to access Council run recycling centres and 96% were aware of where the recycling centres are located.

Householders can report incidents of fly tipping here