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Two Council-run children’s residential homes have received the green light by the Care Inspectorate.  

At a meeting of the Education, Children & Young People Executive elected members heard that both homes - Wallace Crescent in Brightons and Tremanna in Slamannan – have received a quality grade of ‘Good’.  

Managed by Children’s Social Work, both homes offer long-term care for children and young people aged 8 to 20 years.  

The Care Inspectorate’s report highlighted several key strengths. These strengths included the nurturing relationships between staff and young people, the encouragement of continued care, a focus on trauma-informed support and the active encouragement of young people’s voices. Another significant strength noted is the homes’ ability to maintain a connection with former residents.  

The main objective of these inspections is to make sure that the services provided closely align with the Council’s key priorities. These priorities include enhancing the lives of children and young people, promoting educational attainment, and reducing inequalities. 

The Care Inspectorate used four quality indicators during the evaluation process: compassion, dignity, respect, and health support. Importantly, the process also gathered input from children, young people, families, staff, and other professionals. 

Positive inspection outcomes

These positive inspection outcomes underscore the Council’s effective commitment to fulfilling The Promise, as well as its role as a  Corporate Parent (a term care experienced young people living in the Falkirk Council area would like to see changed to Council friends and family). 

Councillor Fiona Collie, spokesperson for Health & Social Care said: “This is a very welcome report as it reinforces the profound impact dedicated support can have in nurturing the potential of our children and young people.  

“The ‘Good’ quality grade attained by Wallace Crescent and Tremanna homes is a testament to our commitment to delivering excellent residential care. 

“These positive inspections not only affirm our commitment to fulfil ‘The Promise’ but also solidify our role as steadfast companions on the journey of caregiving and growth.”