Use our online form to request an additional brown bin, or renew any current additional brown bins you may have.

You will be charged £30 per additional brown bin from 01 April 2022 to 31 March 2023 regardless of when you apply during the year.

Applications for additional brown bins or to pay for existing additional bins can be paid for from March each year. Applications will close in November each year. Please note there is no reduction for part year service.

There are no discounts available for this service.

The scheduled brown bin collections service is from Monday 04 April 2022 and will continue to Friday 25 November 2022 and our on demand service is from Monday 28 November 2022 until Friday 31 March  2022. Your existing and additional brown bin(s) are collected together as per the recycling and waste collection schedule .

What we ask

  • Your contact details
  • Do you require an additional brown bin to be delivered?
  • Do you already have an additional brown bin at your property?
  • Are you part of the assisted collection service?