Both people entering into a civil partnership must complete and submit a civil partnership notice application form, along with the required documents and the appropriate fee. This form should be submitted to the registrar for the district you want to register your civil partnership in.

You must submit your notices at least 29 days before the registration. This gives the registrar time to satisfy themselves that you are free to register a civil partnership. You may have to postpone your registration if the form is submitted late.

Notices should be with the registrar 8 weeks before the registration. If either of you has been married or in a civil partnership before, the notices should be with the registrar 10 weeks before.

In exceptional circumstances, the Registrar General will allow a civil partnership to take place if 29 days' notice has not been given.

Only one person needs to appear to hand in the civil partnership notice, but the Registrar may ask you to attend to finalise the registration arrangements. If you would like to submit your civil partnership notice forms in person, please telephone 01324 506580 to make an appointment.

The Registrar will ask to see a valid passport or other documents as evidence of your nationality and you will be asked to provide proof of residence.

You should also provide the names and address of two witnesses who must be aged 16 years or over.

You can download the relevant forms below:

Witnesses to a Civil Partnership Registration in Scotland

A Declaration of Immigration Status should also be completed by anyone who is not British, Swiss or an EEA National:

Declaration of Immigration Status