Falkirk Council's £67 million Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) scheme is expected to bring in £413 million in private investment into the area, creating almost 6,000 jobs and hundreds of apprenticeships.

Under TIF, councils fund improvements by borrowing against future business rates income that should be created by the regeneration and development.

The 25 year TIF plan has three phases across Falkirk and Grangemouth. Under the plan, links from the M9 motorway to industrial areas will be improved and 400,000 square metres of business space will be made available.

A904 Westfield Roundabout to West Mains Improvements

The Westfield Roundabout is situated next to the Falkirk Stadium and enables the intersecting of the A9 and the A904. The 4 way roundabout is of considerable importance as the gateway route into Falkirk. The roundabout is a regular pinch point with heavy traffic and is a major link between Falkirk, Junction 6 of the M9 and Grangemouth.

The programme of works will include upgrades to the Westfield roundabout and junction improvements at West Mains. The proposed improvements will include the widening of the roundabout with dedicated left turn lanes added to all 4 exits. Elements of the adjoining A904 will also be widened to improve the flow of traffic.

These improvements will alleviate the problems currently being faced around delays and poorer air quality. Improved traffic flow management and a long term sustainable solution across all modes of transport will be achieved.

Increased road capacity is essential to support the longer term development plans of this area including the development of the Gateway development area as an urban quarter. The creation of a crossing with supporting infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists is necessary to improve connections between the Gateway site , Helix Park, the Kelpies, Falkirk Stadium, Forth Valley College and into Falkirk town centre. The success of the Helix and the Kelpies has placed demands on the areas infrastructure with pedestrian/cycle crossings between the Falkirk Stadium and Helix Park currently averaging 36,000 movements per month. Westfield roundabout is also located centrally within the wider Falkirk and Grangemouth path and cycle route network, with a large proportion of routes between the towns passing through this hub.

An iconic, bridge solution will be developed to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety and movements, around this area and improved connections into the town centre will be achieved. It will become a statement feature in its own right, providing an impressive entrance to the Falkirk Gateway development, and will build on the success of the Helix Park and Kelpies.

You can find more information about the Levelling up Fund submission for this project, by visiting the Westfield roundabout and A9/A904 road improvement scheme.