The Scottish Government has pledged to increase the provision of free early learning and childcare provision to 1140 hours (currently 600 hours) per year by 2020.

This is for children who are 3 or 4 years old and eligible 2 year olds.

We are currently in the process of phasing this in across all establishments.

There are a number of flexible delivery models to meet the needs of children and families. These are as follows:

Delivery model Description Additional info
Model 1a 9am - 3pm (term time only) 30 hours per week
Model 1b 8am - 6pm (term time only) flexibility for upto 30 hours per week
Model 2 8am - 1pm or 1pm - 6pm term time PLUS open during school summer break
Model 3 Flexibility between 8am and 6pm open 50 weeks per year
Private ELC Provider Flexibility between 8am and 6pm opening times differ
Partner ELC Childminder Flexibility between 8am and 6pm opening times differ

There are a variety of options for children to have a 'blended' ELC pattern with a maximum of 2 providers.

For more information, please contact the ELC Admissions Team: