Family centres work with families to challenge disadvantage and exclusion and to provide good childhood experiences. They help children and their carers to achieve their potential within their families and communities.

Centres are mainly operated by established charitable or voluntary organisations. Services are registered with the Care Inspectorate. Staff are qualified, registered and have had background checks completed.

National Care Standards can help you decide about a service, they are the minimum standard required by law and services are scored against how well they meet the standards.

Where to find services

Details are available through Falkirk Families Information Service or on the Scottish Family Information Service website.

Plus points

  • Develop and foster parenting skills.
  • Respond to the needs of the local community.
  • Challenge disadvantage and exclusion.
  • Specialise in intensive work with more vulnerable children and their families.

Age range

Family centres are open to children aged 2 to 5 years.

Opening hours

Family Centres are open from 9am to 4pm and can sometimes offer places on a short-term basis.