Procurement is at the heart of everything the Council does and supports the delivery of Council services. Effective and efficient procurement positively supports us in achieving our priorities, as set out in The Council Plan 2022 - 2027 and the objectives of the transformational change required through the Council of the Future programme.

Ensuring that public money is being used in an innovative and sustainable manner, the Corporate Procurement Unit (CPU) strives to secure Best Value through professional, planned and sustainable procurement, and supports Services in satisfying the supply and service needs of Falkirk Council and its citizens.

By striking a balance between cost, quality and sustainability, we endeavour to achieve value for money through the implementation of contracts. We also aim to deliver savings and increase collaborative contract arrangements with other public sector organisations, where benefits for the Council can be realised.

CPU has responsibility to:

  • provide expertise and specialist procurement advice across the Council
  • develop and award local and regional collaborative contracts
  • develop contract documentation for supply and service contracts
  • provide strategic contract and supplier management and minimise risk to the Council
  • monitor and report corporate procurement performance to the Council's Procurement Board, the Scottish Government and wider public
  • report details of all contract awards to the Council and wider public
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