Current and future tenders can be viewed on the Public Contracts Scotland website:

How we advertise tender opportunities

Procurement Practice

As a public body, we must follow strict rules in the way that we invite, evaluate and award contracts.

These rules make sure we are open and transparent in the way we do business with our suppliers.

The rules also make sure we:

  • Use public money properly
  • Meet our legal duty to get best value good and services we can
  • Comply with the law, particularly the E.U Consolidated Supplies and Services Directives
  • Treat all suppliers equally
  • Comply with Council Standing Orders Scheme of Tender Procedures and Financial Regulations
  • Are accountable, open and transparent
  • Protect ourselves and our employees from any legal challenges or allegations of misconduct in our business dealings

Goods and services over £50,000

Our contract opportunities are advertised on the Public Contracts Scotland website (PCS). This is a free, national portal created by the Scottish Government. It is allows all Scottish businesses to bid for public sector contracts.

We encourage all interested businesses to register with PCS. Once registered, you will receive email notifications of contract opportunities you may be interested in.

Goods and services below £50,000

If we require goods and services with a value of between £1,000 and £50,000, we may not openly advertise this opportunity. Instead we may invite quotations from 3 organisations. We will do this through the Quick Quotes system.

We will only ask for quotes from suppliers who have registered for Quick Quotes on the PCS portal. Quick Quotes registration is free.

You can find out more information about Quick Quotes by reading the Quick Quotes Supplier User Guide.