Homespot is our choice based way of letting homes. You can read Your Guide to Homespot for more information.

The quickest and easiest way to apply is through Housing Online. You will need a myaccount to sign up, which you will already have if you use MyFalkirk.

Already signed up

If you are already signed up to Housing Online, you can access this directly:

We advertise our available homes to let and update them every Wednesday. You decide which properties you wish to bid on.

You can usually only bid for properties advertised for your applicant group. For example, Home Seekers can only apply for properties advertised for Home Seekers. The same applies to Home Movers and Home Starters.

Some properties will be advertised for "All Groups", and all applicants can bid for these.

Properties that have been adapted for specific needs will be advertised as "Adapted" properties. Applicants with a medical recommendation and have an "F" on their Band of priority ie Band 1F or Band 3F can bid for these properties.

Details of how to apply and further information can be found in our frequently asked questions page.