The European Union provides funding and grants for a wide range of projects and programmes from organisations, communities and businesses, covering areas such as:

  • education
  • enterprise & innovation
  • health
  • consumer protection
  • environmental protection
  • humanitarian aid
  • community-lead rural development

How to apply

Euro-funding is complex, since there are many different types of programmes managed by different bodies. Our staff can advise you on links to specialist advisers. You can contact us on:

If your organisation, community or business is planning on apply for Euro-funding, you should:

  • Be aware of Euro-funding developments
  • Make links with possible partners – partnerships are usually of great interest to the European Commission
  • Get help from an advisor with experience in your specific area of interest
  • Learn about the Euro-funding experience from organisations and people who have 'been there before'
  • Attend research and innovation events
  • See how Falkirk's European Strategy and Scottish and European policies fit with your bid for Euro-funds:
    Falkirk Council's European Strategy

For specific sector advice, please view the links below:

3rd Sector SCVO Europe
Schools, colleges, adult education Lifelong Learning
Enterprise Enterprise Europe Scotland
Justice European Commission - Justice
Non-profit organisation Falkirk CVS
Community-led Rural Development Kelvin Valley & Falkirk LEADER Funding 2014-2020

For more information on fund administrators you can visit Scottish Government and European Commission.