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Anyone who is having difficulties with money, benefits or debt right now are being reminded that there is a whole range of support and advice available from Falkirk Council.

As part of #challengepovertyweek (5th to 11th October), help is being offered to those struggling the most.

The Council offers a range of services including:

Councillor Cecil Meiklejohn, Leader of Falkirk Council said: “Covid-19 has left many families and individuals in real difficulties. We want to reassure them that there is help and support out there and is easily accessible.

“We can give free and confidential advice from trained advisors that can make a real difference to the circumstances of many people.

“Advisors have helped with millions of pounds of unclaimed benefit and debt consolidation as well as we have seen thousands access our online tools to signpost them and better inform what practical help is available.

“We work with a number of partners locally to ensure those who need the help most get access to services that matter most in difficult times.”

Key stats

  • Our entitlement calculator has been visited around 1800 times over the past six months and the support services map around 1500
  • In the last financial year, £7.5m of benefits have been gained for nearly 3200 clients
  • £5.2m of debt conciliation has been negotiated for nearly 750 clients
  • 10.3k residents have received welfare grants (community care grant and crisis grant)