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 Elected Members will be asked to consider several pivotal reports at the meeting of the Council on Wednesday 28 September.  

Amongst the reports will be:  

  • Two strategic documents - The Council Plan and the Financial Strategy  
  • Proposed next steps for both the HQ & Arts Centre and Falkirk Town Hall 
  • An update report on the integration of Falkirk Community Trust services  

Below you’ll find summaries of the key reports listed and links to the full papers.  

No decision will be made on the recommendations made within the reports until the meeting. You can watch the meeting live from 10am next Wednesday.

Council Plan 

Members will be asked to consider The Council Plan, a strategic document that lays down what the Council aims to achieve over the next five years and how it will do it. It also highlights how we’ll measure progress.   

To better reflect the current social, economic and environmental challenges that our area faces, the plan suggests a new vision for the area - “Strong communities where inequalities are reduced and lives are improved” - and three new priorities:  

  • Supporting stronger and healthier communities 
  • Promoting opportunities and educational attainment and reducing inequalities 
  • Supporting a thriving economy and green transition   

If approved, services will use the plan and the Financial Strategy, which is also being considered at the meeting, as a framework for future decision making.  

Read the report: The Council Plan 2022/23 – 2026/27 

Financial strategy  

The Financial Strategy summarises the key financial risks facing the Council and the huge challenge that lies ahead to save c£69m by 2027.  

If approved, the strategy would be used alongside The Council Plan to guide future decision making.   

Read the report: Financial Strategy 

Falkirk Council HQ & Arts Centre  

Council officers recommend that current plans for a new standalone HQ – located at the front of the former Municipal Buildings in West Bridge Street – do not represent best value and should not be progressed further. 

Members will be asked to consider clearing the existing site and selling for private and social housing and using a proportion of the funds to buy a new regeneration site near the High Street. 

Read the report: Council Headquarters & Arts Centre (HQ+AC) Update

Falkirk Town Hall  

Members will be asked to consider the permanent closure, and demolition, of the existing Falkirk Town Hall (FTH) after the panto season ends in December 2022. 

Refurbishment of FTH is not considered to represent best value, and the building continues to deteriorate – with numerous elements reaching the end of their serviceable lifespan. 

FTH front with flags

Pictured: Falkirk Town Hall

It is intended that a replacement for FTH will be delivered as part of the future HQ & Arts Centre project.  

Members will be asked to agree to a £200k investment in an arts programme to be delivered across the area in the period between the closure of FTH and the opening of a new Falkirk Town Hall. 

Read the report: Arts and Heritage Proposal for the Falkirk area 

Integrated services  

The report updates Elected Members on the work so far to realise the benefits of bringing Falkirk Community Trust services back in house.   

Members will also be asked to approve community and employee engagement which would be undertaken to help inform the development of a five-year strategic action plan for libraries.  

Read the report: Review of Integrated Services