Sir William Wallace Grand Lodge of Scotland Free Colliers

Procession details

Expected number of marchers 150
Proposed date of procession Saturday, 6th August 2022

Proposed route

Braes Area - Commence at 12 Noon from Community Centre, Shieldhill Road, Redding Road, Colliery Road, Livingstone Terrace, Overton Roundabout, C28 Main Street, C28 Main Street, School Road, B805 Redding Road, Redding Road Roundabout, Redding Road, Boyd Street, A803 Mary Street, A803 Polmont Road, Westquarter Avenue, Dovecot Road, Woodburn Crescent, Woodburn Avenue, B805 Redding Road, Overton Roundabout, B805 Redding Road, Blairs Cottage Roundabout, B805 Redding Road, Newlands Roundabout, B805 Redding Road, B805 Maddiston Road, B805 Maddiston Road, Waggon Road, Wallacestone Brae, & onto Shieldhill Road and conclude at the Community Centre..

Notice details

Status Occurred
Reference Number 22/54
Notification date Thursday, 16th June 2022
Deadline date for comments Saturday, 23rd July 2022

Comment on this procession

The comment deadline for this procession has closed.