We aim to promote fairness, equity and consistency in the management of performance and in the treatment of our employees. We are committed to creating a safe working environment and maintaining constructive relationships with our employees and trade unions. We do recognise, however, that there will be occasions when you may need to make use of some of the policies we have to cover difficult situations.


If you are a manager we have policies in place to help you deal with different situations you may experience:

  • Is an employee failing to perform the duties of their post due to performance or health related capability, lack of necessary qualifications, appropriate professional registration or other genuine occupational requirement? If yes, please refer to our Capability Policy.
    Capability policy
  • You can use our Disciplinary Policy if you believe an employee is not adhering to the set standards of conduct at work.
    Disciplinary policy
  • Has one of your employees received an overpayment in salary? If so, we have a Recovery of Overpayments Policy which helps to ensure that we provide a fair and consistent method for dealing with the recovery of overpayments in salary.
  • Sometimes an employee's circumstances can impact on their ability to attend work, undertake their duties or continue in their post, therefore we have a Redeployment policy to facilitate a return to work and/or find suitable employment.


If you are an employee we have policies in place to help resolve any issues you might have:

  • If you are subject to bullying, harassment and/or victimisation our Dignity at Work Policy outlines the options available to you and ensures that those responsible for managing and supporting you are also aware of their responsibilities.
  • You should refer to our Grievance Policy if you feel aggrieved either about a condition of employment matter or the way in which you have been treated.
  • The Disputes Policy should be used when a difficulty arises between us and a collective group of employees where representation by a recognised Trade Union is available and where the appropriate mechanism for addressing the issue is not provided within other procedures, such as Grievance, Discipline etc.
  • Should you have any serious concerns about any aspect of our work, for example suspected wrongdoing, malpractice, illegality or risk in the workplace, please see the Whistleblowing Policy which makes it clear that you can come forward and voice concerns without fear of reprisals.
    Whistleblowing Policy