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I have missed the application deadline. Can I still apply and how?

The deadline for applications is 28 February 2022. If you miss this deadline, you need to apply by emailing ELC@Falkirk.gov.uk.

An Admissions Officer will be in touch with you directly. Late applications will be dealt with after all allocations have been completed, usually mid-May.

When will I find out about my child's place?

Provided that you submit your application by 28 February 2022, you should get confirmation of your child's place around mid-April. You won't be asked to accept the offer as this will be done automatically. If you no longer wish to accept the place you have been offered, you have until the end of April to decline.

What happens if I don't get my first choice of nursery?

While every effort is made to give parents their first choice, it is not always possible as demand for places can sometimes be greater than those available. At the time of applying, you will be asked to make a second and third choice. If you are not successful in getting your first choice, an alternative will be offered.

Will my child be put on the waiting list?

If you are not offered your first choice your child will automatically be placed on a waiting list. You will be contacted should a place become available.

When will my child actually start nursery?

Your child's actual start date, and other important information, will be given to you by the nursery. In Falkirk, children with August – February birthdays will generally be given a start date one calendar month after their third birthday.

Will I lose my place if my child doesn't start nursery on their start date?

No you won't. Once your place has been allocated, it will not be withdrawn by us. You can choose to delay your child's start at nursery but we do ask that you let your child's nursery know of your plans. It is important to keep in contact with the establishment during any period of extended transition.

Does my child get snacks and lunch at nursery?

Yes. All settings provide snacks and lunches are provided to children. Milk and water are available throughout the day too. This is provided as part of your funded place. The menu will be communicated via your child's nursery. Medically prescribed and cultural/religious diets will be catered for but it is not possible to accommodate individual tastes. A vegetarian option is provided daily.

My nursery has a 'settling-in' policy – what does that mean?

It is vital to children's emotional wellbeing that they feel safe and secure at nursery. To ensure this, our settings operate a 'settling period' where your child's time at nursery is gradually increased from a couple of hours per day to eventually they attend for the whole session. This is usually done over a week but can be longer for some children. Additional settling periods can be recommended for children in certain circumstances, for example, after a period of absence or illness.

Do I have to send my child for the whole time that I have been given?

No you don't. You are allocated a full 1140 hours place and this will remain your child's place for the whole year and it won't be allocated to anyone else. You can choose to use part of the place, for example, send your child to nursery until lunchtime only; or, for a couple of days. This is perfectly acceptable as long as there is a regular pattern to the attendance. You should discuss this with nursery staff before your child starts nursery.

Can I buy additional hours over and above my 1140 allocation?

There is no option to purchase additional childcare in a nursery class within a primary school. It may be possible to purchase additional childcare hours over and above your allocated place in one of our 50-week ELC centres. This can be organised by the setting directly once the allocation of core entitlement has been completed, usually around the end of April.

If I opt to have my 1140 hours over term-time, would I be able to purchase extra hours over the summer?

If your child's nursery is open during school holidays, you may be able to purchase additional hours. This is dependent on availability of spaces and staffing. You should discuss this with your child's nursery.

Can extra hours be purchased at short notice?

Four weeks' notice is required for any new / amended contracts. Change requests are not guaranteed as these are dependent on staffing availability.

Can I move my child to another nursery part way through the year?

If you move house within Falkirk and wish to move your child to a nearby establishment, you should email ELC@Falkirk.gov.uk to discuss availability.

I have opted for a pattern of attendance in an ELC centre. Is it possible to change this part of the way through the year?

It may be possible to change the days your child attends provided this is still within the core offer. It will depend on availability of staffing and this should be discussed with your child's settings.

What happens if I want to split 1140 hours between 2 places?

It may be possible to split funded hours over 2 settings. This is dependent on capacity being available in each.

Can I carry forward un-used hours for another session / day?

This is not possible as it affects the core staffing considerations.