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As a Council, we are legally required to set a balanced budget each year. That means the money we receive from the Scottish Government, Council Tax and other sources must meet the cost of delivering services and ongoing investment to protect and improve communities.

Although we continue to face acute financial pressure, the Council agreed a budget for 2022/23 on Wednesday, 2 March. The budget will not only meet a substantial funding gap of £29m during the next financial year but also see us spend £392m to provide services to communities and invest £22.3m in large-scale projects.

This is how we are going to achieve it this year

Service 2021/22 Budget
2022/23 Budget
Children's Services 225,727 224,699
Social Work Adult Services 3,372 3,531
Place Services 29,610 33,474
Corporate & Housing Services 31,775 36,777
Trading Accounts (512) (512)
Sub-Total 289,972 297,969
Falkirk Community Trust 13,755 -
Integration Joint Board 75,976 83,328
Joint Valuation Board 1,424 1,458
Capital Charges 14,073 9,578
Fiscal Flexibilities (6,998) -
Total Net Expenditure 388,202 392,333
Aggregate External Finance 316,705 308,530
General Fund Reserves Applied 2,007 5,000
COVID Reserves - 5,300
Trust Reserves - 600
Council Tax (see below) 69,490 72,903
Total Income 388,202 392,333
Council Tax 2021/22 2022/23
Estimated yield of £1 Council Tax £56,700 £57,197
Council Tax (Band D) £1,225.58 £1,274.60
Product £69,490,000 £72,903,000

Fees and charges

Some of our fees and charges will be increasing this year. Wherever possible we have aimed to keep these in line with inflation but some charges are higher because we are making them cover the full cost of providing the service. Some new charges will be introduced.

How is the budget split between our Services?

Childrens Services224,699
Corporate and Housing Services36,777
Place Services33,474
Social Work Adult Services3,531

Savings options approved