In accordance with the Representation of the People Act 1983, Falkirk Council undertook a compulsory review of its polling districts and polling places, commencing on 09 November 2018 and reporting to Council on 25 September 2019. The revised polling scheme came into effect on 01 December 2019.

The original timetable for the review, as detailed in the consultation document, was altered to accommodate both the unscheduled European Parliamentary Elections in May 2019 and the unscheduled UK Parliamentary General Election in December 2019.

Consultation document 2018-20

The following documents are now required to be published:

The above documentation can also be viewed at public libraries in the Falkirk Council area and at the reception of Municipal Buildings during office hours.

The appeals process

Following the conclusion of the review, certain persons have a right to make representations to the Electoral Commission. If, on receipt of such representations, the Electoral Commission finds that a local authority's review did not:

  • meet the reasonable requirements of the electors in the constituency, or a body of them, or
  • take sufficient account of the accessibility for disabled persons of a polling station/polling stations within a designated polling place

The Electoral Commission may direct the authority to make any alterations to the polling places that they think necessary and, if the alterations are not made within two months, may make the alterations themselves.

Who is entitled to make representations to the Electoral Commission?

The following may make representations:

  • 30 or more registered electors in each constituency (although electors registered anonymously cannot make a representation)
  • a person (except the Returning Officer) who made representations to the authority when the review was being undertaken
  • any person who is not an elector in a constituency in the authority's area but who the Electoral Commission thinks has sufficient interest in the accessibility of disabled persons to polling places in the area or has particular expertise in relation to the access to premises or facilities of disabled persons

In addition, the Returning Officer may make observations on any representations made to the Electoral Commission.

Format for all representations

All representations must be made in writing, either by post, email or fax. The representation must be as specific as possible and should clearly state the manner in which it is alleged that the local authority has failed to conduct the review properly. There are only two grounds on which a representation may be made. These are:

  • the local authority has failed to meet the reasonable requirements of the electors in the constituency
  • the local authority has failed to take sufficient account of accessibility to disabled persons of the polling station(s) within a polling place

Representations based on any other premise will not be considered.

The representation should include the location of the polling place and any other relevant information regarding the polling place at issue, stating specifically why it is inaccessible or does not meet the reasonable requirements of the electors.

A representation may also include for consideration specific proposals for changing the place that has been designated as the polling place.

Further details on the appeals process can be found on the Electoral Commission's website.