The Plan sets out what we aim to achieve over a five year period.

To reflect the current social, economic and environmental challenges that our area faces, the plan suggests vision for the area:

"Strong communities where inequalities are reduced and lives are improved"

And 3 new priorities:

  • Supporting stronger and healthier communities
  • Promoting opportunities and educational attainment and reducing inequalities
  • Supporting a thriving economy and green transition

The way that we'll measure progress against the plan will be reviewed annually to ensure we have a robust set of success measures in place at all times.

Our Strategic Framework. The Council Plan will be supported by a number of other key strategies, programmes and plans.
            The Falkirk Plan 2021-2030. The Council Plan. Core Strategies and Programmes: Financial Strategy, Coucil of the Future - Transformation and Improvement, Workforce Plans, Best Value. Other Core Strategies - including:
            Local Housing Strategy, Falkirk National Improvement Framework. Digital Falkirk, Falkirk Economic Strategy, Litter Strategy - A Cleaner Falkirk, Green Fleet Initiative, 
            Integration Joint Board Strategic Plan. 
            Service/Directorate Plans.
            Performance Mamagement Framework, Falkirk Performs.

We'll also report progress regularly on our Performance and Reporting page. Year 2 of the Plan was approved by Council on 27 September 2023.

Council Plan 2022 - 2027 - Year 1
Council Plan 2022- 2027 - Year 2

The Financial Strategy

The Financial Strategy supports all the priorities and enablers within the Council Plan. It sets out a robust assessment of the financial health of the Council, highlighting challenges and pressures and where action needs to be taken and flags up the financial risks that the Council should be aware of when planning for the future.

The Strategy provides a framework that should be used as part of any decision-making activity within the Council and sets out a roadmap for the Council to get to a position of financial sustainability. Fundamentally that means shifting service delivery models to make sure that spending is within resources available. The Financial Strategy was approved by Council on the 27th September 2023.

Workforce Strategy

Our Workforce Strategy supports the delivery of the Council Plan, within the financial context in which we work. We recognise that the greatest asset we have to deliver our priorities and services is our employees and the success of the Council in delivering on its priorities is highly dependent on the skills and commitment of its employees. As we move forward, we recognise the workforce will be smaller with resources targeted at our community needs and priorities. A talented and aligned workforce is crucial to deliver on our priorities and as such the Council Plan recognises workforce as a key enabler. The Workforce Strategy was approved by Council on the 27th September 2023.

Workforce Strategy 2023 - 2027