When a vehicle is reported to us, we will carry out several checks before deciding if the vehicle has actually been abandoned. This service does not deal with parking issues, annoyance, vehicles being sold on the street as part of a business and it is not relevant whether the vehicle has an MOT.

Road traffic offences, such as untaxed or uninsured vehicles, or vehicles causing an obstruction, should be reported to Police Scotland on their non-emergency number - 101. We cannot take any action on road traffic offences.

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Before reporting an abandoned vehicle

Is the vehicle taxed?

We cannot consider a vehicle to be abandoned if it has road tax.

Check if the vehicle is taxed via GOV.UK: Check if a vehicle is taxed.

Untaxed vehicles, or those declared as SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notice) which are on a road, should be referred to the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for enforcement although some older/historical vehicles may be exempt from road tax.

Use the GOV.UK: Report an untaxed vehicle service to report an untaxed vehicle.

Does the owner live nearby?

We cannot consider a vehicle to be abandoned if the owner lives in the immediate area.

Report an abandoned vehicle

Only report a vehicle as abandoned if:

  • the vehicle is untaxed, AND

  • the owner does not live in the immediate area

No longer want your vehicle?

We offer a free uplift service for standard vehicles (cars, vans, etc). If you own one of these vehicles and no longer want it, you can ask us to remove it free of charge.

A fee of £50 is payable for the removal of caravans, trailers, horseboxes, etc. This can be paid by bank transfer or credit/debit card.

If you would like us to remove your vehicle, please complete the following forms:

Notification of transfer to the motor trade
Vehicle surrender form

Please return completed form to envhealth@falkirk.gov.uk with your preferred method of payment and a contact phone number and our admin team will process your request.