Our parks and open spaces are important places to be protected, cherished and enhanced. They take great effort and money to maintain, but give back so much to our communities.

We have an abundance of parks and open spaces in our area covering over 24 square kilometres on 632 individual sites. They are vital to our physical and mental health, the quality of our environment and provide valuable habitat for wildlife.

Our new Open Space Strategy has been developed with stakeholders and the wider community and sets out our shared vision for the future of our parks and open spaces.

It contains 15 proposals to deliver the vision under 4 key themes:

  • Modernising our parks and open spaces
  • Addressing inequality and fostering community through open space investment
  • Working and investing more efficiently
  • Generating money for investment in parks and open space

It also contains a set of standards and policies which we will apply to our parks and open spaces and a set of 9 area strategies which detail how the Strategy will be implemented across different localities.

Open Space Strategy
Appendix 1 - Delivering the Vision - Strategic Choices
Appendix 2 - Contexts
Appendix 3 - Parks Development Plan
Appendix 4 - Pre-Consultative Draft Consultation Report
Appendix 5 - Open Space Audit and Fitness for Purpose Assessment
Appendix 6 - Accessibility Standard Review
Appendix 7 - Consultation Comments
Strategic Environmental Assessment Statement
Environmental Report

Crucial to our long-term efforts will be the involvement of local communities. Many have already established "Friends of" groups to support local parks. You can find out more about community led park and open space improvement projects at My Park Scotland.

Further details about the facilities available at a selection of our parks and open spaces can be found in our parks and estates section.

Parents and Carers Outdoor Play Survey – Play Sufficiency Assessment

We are inviting parents, carers, residents and local community organisations (such as youth clubs and community councils) to take part in the Play Sufficiency Assessment survey and help shape the play sufficiency assessment. Part of the evidence for the Falkirk Local Development Plan 3 (LDP3) and its Evidence Report, the assessment will look at the availability, accessibility and quality of your community's open spaces (such as parks, woodlands, sports pitches and equipped play areas) for children and young people to play or hang-out. The assessment will also have a role in informing future proposals and strategies for outdoor play in the Council area. Separately, the Council is engaging with primary school pupils through a short survey to understand how they play and their views on playing outside. Both surveys close on Tuesday 28 November 2023.