Smoke from a chimney, dust particles from a factory or an offensive smell from manure being spread on a field are some of the problems that can be experienced. It may be the case that the smell from farmland may be irritating but not a nuisance in the legal sense of the word. Farmers have a responsibility to adhere to practices set out by DEFRA which should minimise the effect on the community.

There is no fixed level which constitutes a statutory nuisance. Individual circumstances differ and each case has to be judged on its own merits.

What you can do

Contact us using the details below or contact your local Councillor:

Environmental Health

When making your complaint you must include:

  • Your name, address and if possible a contact telephone number
  • The address complained of and the type of nuisance
  • When and for how long the problem normally occurs and
  • The way the nuisance affects you.

What we will do

Your complaint will be looked at and we'll let you know how we will deal with it. You must remember that your complaint will not be resolved overnight, investigations can take several weeks.

Please note: Your name and address will NOT be disclosed to the person complained of, however, occasionally the person may guess who has complained or may approach you to ask if you have made a complaint. Also if we decide to take legal action, you may be asked to appear in Court as a witness.