If you would like to store your vehicle overnight, we have a number of garage sites and lock-up garages for rent throughout the Falkirk Council area.

Garage site

A garage site is a piece of land you can rent from us for a yearly charge. We can give you permission to build a garage on this land. If you have a garage on this land you would be responsible for this and if you give up your garage site you may be asked to remove it.

If you are offered a garage site and there is a garage already on the land, there may be an opportunity for you to buy this from the person who previously rented the site. We can provide contact details if both parties are agreable but we would have no involvement in the resale of any existing garage.

Lock-up garages

Lock-up garages are garages owned by us which you can rent. We will charge rent every 2 weeks for these.

Waiting lists

There are waiting lists for garage sites and lock-ups. When a garage site or lock-up becomes available, we will usually offer them to the person who has been waiting the longest.

If you are a home owner or private tenant, you will only be considered for a garage site or lock-up if there are no council tenants on the waiting list.

Giving up your site or lock-up

If you want to give up your garage site or lock-up, you will need to give us the following notice:

  • Lock-up - 7 days notice
  • Garage Site - 28 days notice

As mentioned above, if there is a garage structure on your garage site you may be asked to remove it before the end of your 28 days notice. There may also be an opportunity for you to sell this to the next person renting the site. Garage sites must also be tidy and cleared of any debris by the end of the notice period.


We regularly inspect garage sites and lock-ups.

How to apply

To apply for a garage site or lock-up please complete and return the following application form:

Garage or lock-up application form

For more information on the above or to find out where our garage sites and lock-ups are located, please contact your local Advice and Support Hub.