Whilst much of the Supplementary Guidance (SG) prepared for Local Development Plan (LDP) 1 remains up to date and relevant, the preparation of LDP2 allows the opportunity to update and revise it, so that it continues to be relevant and reflects any revisions in national and LDP policy.

In LDP2 the number of SGs is reduced from 17 to 14, as 3 of the adopted SGs are being consolidated, therefore streamlining the suite of SGs. It is hoped the combining of guidance will encourage a more joined up and holistic approach. The list of LDP2 Supplementary Guidance (see below) contains a brief outline of the scope of each SG and the anticipated consultation dates.

Current Consultation on Draft Supplementary Guidance

We are currently consulting on the following SGs. The original 6 week consultation period (Tuesday 14 April - Friday 22 May 2020) has been extended to Friday 03 July 2020. It is hoped this will assist those with restricted ability to respond due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). These SGs are considered to have worked well in LDP1 and minimal changes have been made to roll them forward to LDP2:

SG02 Neighbourhood Design
SG03 Residential Extension and Alterations
SG04 Shopfronts
SG08 Local Nature Conservation and Geodiversity Sites
SG10 Trees and Development

Please note that due to the current circumstances regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are unable to make hard copies of the revised guidance available at the usual deposit locations (Abbotsford House, Council libraries and Advice and Support Hubs).

How do I make my comments?

Comments should be made by email to ldp@falkirk.gov.uk by Friday 3 July 2020. At present we are unable to accept postal comments for practical reasons. Please ensure that you state clearly which SG your comments relate to.

List of LDP2 Supplementary Guidance

Placemaking and Design

Ref Title Scope Consultation
SG01 Development in the Countryside Guidance on the interpretation of policies on housing and business development in the countryside. Design guidance on new buildings in the countryside. Anticipated end July 2020
SG02 Neighbourhood Design Guidance on the design of new neighbourhoods, interpreting the principles of 'Designing Streets' for the local area. Tuesday 14 April - Friday 03 July 2020
SG03 Residential Extension and Alterations Guidance on the design of extensions and alterations to residential properties. Tuesday 14 April - Friday 03 July 2020
SG04 Shopfronts Guidance on the design of shopfronts in new buildings and the repair, alteration and replacement of shopfronts in existing buildings. Tuesday 14 April - Friday 03 July 2020
SG05 Green Infrastructure and New Development Guidance and standards on the provision of green infrastructure in new development including open space, landscaping, habitat creation, surface water management and active travel routes. Anticipated end August 2020


Ref Title Scope Consultation
SG06 Affordable Housing Guidance on how affordable housing requirements for private sites should be addressed. Anticipated end August 2020

Natural Environment

Ref Title Scope Consultation
SG07 Biodiversity and Development Guidance on integrating biodiversity considerations in the design process and techniques for protection and enhancement of biodiversity in new development , and mitigation and compensation of impacts. Anticipated end July 2020
SG08 Local Nature Conservation and Geodiversity Sites Explanation of the process for selecting and designating local sites, and a full list of sites with supporting detailed maps and information. Tuesday 14 April - Friday 03 July 2020
SG09 Landscape Character Assessment and Landscape Designations Guidance on landscape considerations for development in each of the local landscape character areas. Guidance on the Local Landscape Areas and National and Local Designed Landscapes. Anticipated end July 2020
SG10 Trees and Development Guidance on the safeguarding of trees which may be affected by development including pre-planning procedures and surveys, protection of trees at design and construction phases, and design and maintenance issues. Tuesday 14 April - Friday 03 July 2020

Historic Environment

Ref Title Scope Consultation
SG11 Frontiers of the Roman Empire (Antonine Wall) World Heritage Sites Guidance on the safeguarding of the Antonine Wall WHS where it may be affected by development, including direct physical impacts on archaeology and impacts on setting. Pending
(Joint Consultation, subject to agreement with 4 other local authorities)
SG12 Listed Buildings and Unlisted Properties in Conservation Areas Guidance on the repair, extension, alteration and demolition of listed buildings and unlisted properties in conservation areas. Anticipated end July 2020

Infrastructure and Energy

Ref Title Scope Consultation
SG13 Developer Contributions Guidance on the circumstances in which contributions will be sought from development for different types of infrastructure, including, where appropriate, contribution rates. Anticipated end August 2020
SG14 Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Guidance on the various renewable technologies and planning issues which need to be addressed for each technology. Guidance on the incorporation of low and zero carbon generating technology (LZCGT) in new development. Information on opportunities for, and consideration of heat networks in new development. Anticipated end August 2020