A credit union is a non-profit financial co-operative which offers saving accounts and low interest loans to its members.

It is owned by its members and run by volunteers. They provide confidential, safe and ethical savings accounts and affordable loans to members.

If you live or work in the Falkirk Council area you can join a Falkirk Credit Union. Junior Saving accounts are also available for under 16s.

Savings up to £85,000 are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Credit unions offer savings and loans life protection free of charge. Through this your beneficiary will receive 1.5 times your savings plus your loan will be cleared off if payments are up to date.

We can help local credit unions by providing advice and information to help them get started and manage their affairs.

Joining the Falkirk District Credit Union

  • Join online at www.falkirkcreditunion.co.uk
  • Visit the main office
  • Falkirk District Credit Union
    Main Branch
    4 Station Road
    FK3 8DB

Paying in to a credit union

You can pay in to a credit union:

  • through Payroll
  • by Standing Order
  • by pay point card
  • at a collection point
  • over the phone by card

Please contact the Falkirk District Credit Union to find your nearest branch:

Falkirk Council employees

If you are an employee of Falkirk Council and a member of Falkirk District Credit Union, you can get your payments taken directly from your salary. You can also get access to loan offers directly for Falkirk Council Employees. (Once you have deposited £50 through payroll you can apply for a loan of up to £300).