To prevent your bin being stolen, damaged or misused, the following top tips are suggested:

  • All recycling and waste containers should be stored on your property and not left out the pavement between collections.

  • Having your house number and/or name on your bins, can deter others from taking your bin.

  • In communal areas consider locking your wheelie bin away when it is not in use, such as by locking bins to a fence post, or by locking individual bins together. This deters theft, keeps bins safe and prevents bins from rolling away. A bike lock through the handle works well.

  • Where possible store bins out of sight of passers-by - not only does this help prevent bins from being stolen, but also prevents misuse of your bins by others.

  • Avoid putting your bin out too early before collection. Bins should only be presented at the kerbside for 6:30am on your scheduled collection day and should be returned to their storage point as soon as possible following collection.

  • If you're away and your bin is out for collection, ask a neighbour, friend or family member to return your bin back to your property following collection.

  • To stop other people using your wheelie bin - passers-by or neighbours - keep your bins locked until collection day.