We are implementing the Scottish Government's Town Centre Fund which is an investment to make town centres more diverse, sustainable and successful in the face of changing and evolving retail patterns.

This new grant will focus primarily on assisting building owners with under used and vacant upper floors within the Town Centre area and also address the issue of oversized commercial units at ground floor level.

Map of Falkirk town centre

A town centre study area has been identified focusing primarily on the High Street, Wooer Street and Lint Riggs.

Who can apply

Building owners of properties in the study area - High Street, Wooer Street, Lint Riggs - can apply and will be assessed on a range of criteria.

Grants available

The grant scheme provides building owners access to a design team who will work with them to develop a feasibility study to bring their vacant and underused floor areas back into use.

Depending on the viability of proposals and the owners continued participation, the feasibility study will be staged as follows.

All stages will have input from Falkirk Council Development Services on suitability of proposals:

  • Stage 1 – High level assessment: An initial assessment on how the building could potentially be converted and possible end uses.

  • Stage 2 – Detailed assessment: Development of architectural layouts for the shell works with technical assessment and preparation of an outline specification.

  • Stage 3 – Development of proposals for a planning/LBC application: Develop projects towards a full planning application and where the parent building is listed also a Listed Building Consent application.

Why the Falkirk Town Centre Vacant Repurposing Grant Scheme (FTCVRGS) is needed

The character of Falkirk lies not only in its people but in the town itself. The buildings you see as you walk around are part of the history and of the future of Falkirk, they shape the way the town is viewed.

Unfortunately, vacant and underused retail buildings negatively detract from the town centre and the impression of the area. With town centres changing in line with the shift in consumers shopping patterns, we recognise the need to encourage alternative residential and mixed use within the Town Centre to encourage diversity and to bring new and reinvigorated life to the high street.

Current Funding

While the fund is currently closed please get in touch should you wish to discuss your property for future funding opportunities.

ZM Architecture Ltd
TCVRFGS consultant
62 Albion Street
G1 1NY

Agents: Nick Blair, Director. Tim Clark, Associate.