Sustainable procurement is where where businesses meet our needs for goods and services in a way that achieves value for money for the wider community. The aim of sustainable procurement is to benefit the community and the economy in addition to ourselves, whilst minimising damage to the environment.


The Corporate Procurement Strategy includes sustainability as one of its six key themes.

Procurement Strategy 2020 to 2023

The document looks at how our sustainability aims fit with wider council and public sector priorities.

We expect our suppliers to comply with our sustainability requirements and to work with us to benefit the Falkirk Council area social, environmental and community benefits to the Falkirk Council area.

Sustainable Procurement Action Plan

A self-assessment tool (Flexible Framework) developed by the UK Sustainable Procurement Task Force allows organisations to measure and monitor their progress on sustainable procurement over time.

Community benefits

Through our Employment & Training Unit, we help people into employment and training opportunities. We do this through the inclusion of Community Benefit Clauses in contracts with our suppliers, contractors and service providers.

Legal & sustainable timber

We monitor all timber and timber related products we are supplied with, or are used by our contractors, to make sure they come from a legal and sustainable source.

In 2012, we were awarded the Silver status by WWF in their What Wood You Choose campaign. We achieved Gold status in April 2014.