Our CCTV service consists of 88 cameras across the Falkirk Council area.

The CCTV service is supported by Police Scotland.

Through the use of our CCTV cameras, we aim to:

  • discourage all types of criminal activity in the area
  • help the Police provide a quick response to criminal and antisocial activity
  • provide evidence to assist in the detection and prosecution of anyone taking part in criminal activity
  • promote a safer environment for everyone who lives, works or visits the Falkirk Council area
  • encourage a partnership between us, the police, the business community, Falkirk Council residents and visitors to the area that discourages criminal activity
  • alert the emergency services in the event of fire, road traffic accidents or people needing assistance
  • help manage traffic in the Falkirk Council area
  • help the emergency services in the event of a civil emergency or disaster.

The Council is the data controller of the CCTV footage. You can find out more in our privacy notice, including how long we hold the footage and how to make a request to view it.