Within the wider path network, core paths are the basic framework of key routes that provide for the main needs of users. These Core Paths are largely signposted and are likely to be the most popular paths. We have a duty to draw up a plan of Core Paths in our area and review it periodically in consultation with local communities, land managers and path users.

Core Paths can be Rights of Way, farm tracks, promoted paths or other routes that provide public access to the countryside and urban areas. Not all Core Paths will be suitable for all users, but everyone should have a choice of routes available to them locally. The path network in the Council area has grown significantly since 2010.

Between 2014 and 2018 over £6M was secured for investment in it. This review takes into account the development of the network since 2010. The review has identified 128 potential new Core Paths and 10 Core Paths which, it is proposed, should be deleted and realigned. Each path has been selected following careful consideration of the Core Path selection criteria and consultation with Falkirk Area Access Forum.

Revised Core Paths Plan - draft

Objections and representations were invited from March 2019 for a period of 12 weeks and are in the process of being reviewed by Council officers and our Local Access Forum. The pace of this review is being slowed by COVID-19 restrictions. Any objections which cannot be resolved through negotiation will be examined through a Public Local Inquiry by the Scottish Government’s Department of Planning and Environmental Appeals.