Over recent years the importance of our greenspaces has come into sharp focus. They are vital spaces for people; helping to support our physical and mental well-being. Managed in the right way, they can also play an important part in our response to the global challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss.

During 2021-22 we did a Sustainable Grass Management Pilot Project.

This project trialled changes to how we manage grassland at 35 greenspace sites (including parks and road verges).

The changes will help:

  • create diverse and healthy greenspaces for local people to enjoy
  • benefit wildlife and reduce biodiversity loss
  • help combat the climate emergency

The changes that were made included:

  • Creating naturalised grass areas (cut once or twice a year, and sown with wildflowers in some locations)
  • Creating patches or strips of wildflower meadow
  • Delaying or reducing the frequency of amenity grass cutting
  • Planting bulbs and trees
  • Sowing meadow seed or wildflower seed.

In October 2022 Falkirk Council Executive approved the roll-out of similar enhancements across most of its other parks and greenspaces to benefit people and nature.

The results of the pilot project and extensive consultation have been carefully analysed. They are available to see in the final project report and recommendations.

Sustainable Grass Management Pilot - Report & Recommendations