You may be eligible for Garden Aid if you are having difficulty maintaining your garden. Any resident of the Falkirk Council area can apply.

Who can receive this service?

If you are a new applicant for Garden Aid, you must be in receipt of Community Care Support, provided by Social Work, to qualify.

We assessed applications for Garden Aid differently before 2016. If you were in receipt of Garden Aid before this time, it will continue based on your old application. However, if your Garden Aid is stopped, you must reapply under the new criteria as detailed above.

You will not qualify for help if there is someone else living with you over the age of 16 who could maintain the garden or if you are receiving any other gardening assistance.

Do I have to pay for the service?

No, the service is free of charge.

What work will be done?

Your grass will be cut every 2 weeks between April and October by our contractor. The edges will be cut every second visit. Hedges will be cut twice each year, at the beginning and the end of the cutting season. The contractor will remove hedge clippings. However, weather conditions may sometimes prevent us keeping to this schedule.

The contractor is responsible for making sure that no plants in your garden are damaged when cutting the grass or hedge.

Our contractor will not cut extremely long grass. They will only cut hedges which are 1.5m (4ft 11") or less in height and are a maximum width of 1m.

How to apply for garden aid