Once you have submitted your planning application, there are several stages the application must go through. You can view these in the table below:

Stage Timeframe for householder or small scale application
Consultation letters sent out Within one week of validation of your application
Display of site and press notices Within 2 weeks of validation of your application
Consultation 21 days
Re-consultation on significant amendments 14 days
Determination Within 2 months of validation of your application

We aim to deal with householder and other small scale applications within 2 months. We will contact you if we think that the process may take longer.

If you would like to be kept informed of your application's progress, you can speak with the planner dealing with your application.

We will contact you if we need to discuss your application.

Please note that larger scale applications may take longer to deal with.

Track the progress of an application

You can follow the progress of an application.

Information is available on:

  • Who has been consulted
  • Any responses received
  • Important dates

Site visits and further discussions

We will visit the application site to assess your proposal and make a decision. This will usually be after we have received any replies from the people or organisations we have consulted, and after the end of the period when neighbours can make comments.

We will contact you if we need to arrange access to the site or if we need to discuss the proposal with you.

Viewing and commenting on applications

All applications are made public and we will ask the views of your neighbours before making a decision. Applications and any relevant documents can be viewed using our ePlanning system.

You can also use the ePlanning system to make comments on any current planning application.

Public notices

tellmescotland logo

Public information notices are announcements that local authorities are legally required to publish. We publish them in the Falkirk Herald or the Bo'ness Journal, depending on the area the notice concerns. Public notices inform you of things like road closures, and certain planning applications.

You can find an up to date list of roads and planning notices published by us on the Tellme Scotland website.

Tellme Scotland is Scotland's national public information notices (PINs) portal and publishes public notices from across Scotland in one location. A virtual map allows you to pinpoint an area and see public notices, satellite imagery and information on the issues involved in that area.

Consulting with specialist organisations

For some applications, we may ask specialist organisations for comments. For example, we may speak to Historic Scotland about applications involving listed buildings. Other organisations include SEPA, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Coal Authority.