20 minute neighbourhoods are a concept that is gaining attention across Scotland. They are places that enable people to access most of their daily needs within a reasonable 20 minute round trip by walking, wheeling or cycling from their own home.

Daily needs will vary from person to person but could include things like open spaces for recreation, schools, health care services, shops and local employment. The concept is supported by the Scottish Government's National Planning Framework 4, and will inform how the Falkirk Local Development Plan supports local living and sustainable travel through its spatial strategy, policies and proposals.

We have created an interactive tool that allows communities and businesses to judge how well their neighbourhood meets the principles of the 20 Minute Neighbourhood.

The tool allows you to find out what local facilities are within a direct distance of a given location such as your home, school or workplace. Please note the direct distance does not consider barriers (like busy roads, level of disability and buildings in the way) which can mean a longer journey time to getting to a particular place.