Our fees and charges for burials and cremations apply from 01 April to 31 March and are reviewed each year.

    Burial grounds

    Interments (burials)

    Interments at any of our cemeteries usually take place Monday to Saturday (including on public holidays):

    Day Time
    Monday to Thursday 9:00am - 2:30pm
    (October to April)
    9:00am - 3:30pm
    (May to September)
    Friday 9:00am - 2:30pm
    Saturday 9:00am - 11:00am

    Interments outside of these hours will only be permitted in special circumstances and an additional charge will apply.

    Interment fees

    The size of the lair is dependent on the cemetery ground conditions or the family's wishes. Lairs are sold for a period of 100 years.

    Interment fees*
    (VAT exempt)
    Resident Non-resident
    Adult (18 years+) coffin burial £677.00 £995.00
    Adult (18 years+) coffin burial (Saturday or public holiday) £812.00 £1,194.00
    Cremated remains of adult £183.00 £275.00
    Cremated remains of adult (Saturday or public holiday) £218.00 £327.00
    Child (0 to 17 years) no charge no charge
    Stillborn child no charge no charge
    Extra depth for each additional interment beyond 6 feet £99.00
    (per foot)
    (per foot)

    *Prices are per interment for lairs not more than 6 feet. Where more than one interment occurs at the same time in a single lair, the charge shall be for one interment only.

    Lairs (graves)

    (VAT exempt)
    Resident Non-resident
    Lair (up to 4 adult interments) £752.00 £1,105.00
    Half lair (up to 6 cremation caskets only) £462.00 £679.00
    Lair purchase for child aged 17 and under, with death certificate (still births and pregnancy loss not included) no charge no charge

    Erecting headstone

    Description Cost (excl VAT) Cost (incl VAT)
    Under 3 feet £190.00 £228.00
    Under 3 feet (in preformed foundation) £336.00 £403.20
    Max 5 feet (at our discretion) £243.00 £291.60
    Max 5 feet (in preformed foundation) (at our discretion) £435.00 £522.00

    Memorial benches

    Description Cost (excl VAT) Cost (incl VAT)
    Timber memorial bench with 1 memorial plaque only + 5 year lease £1,275.00 £1,530.00
    Renewal at lease expiry (50% of current charge) - -
    Single memorial plaque on bench (with multiple plaques) £150.00 £180.00

    Memorial trees

    Description Cost (VAT exempt)
    Memorial tree 2.0m - 3.0m high, pot grown includes planting, staking and maintenance £275.00
    Single memorial plaque at base of tree £150.00

    Memorial wall plaque

    Description Cost (VAT exempt)
    Available at Falkirk Crematorium and Camelon Cemetery POA*

    Other charges

    Description Cost (VAT exempt)
    Transfer certificate £34.00
    Duplicate certificate £34.00
    Boarding of lair £114.00
    Test dig of lair £155.00
    Memorial mason registration scheme £155.00

    Falkirk Crematorium


    Cremations take place Monday to Saturday (including on public holidays):

    Day Time
    Monday to Friday 9:00am - 3:30pm
    Saturday 9:00am - 11:30am
    Cremations (VAT exempt) With organist No organist
    Adult (18 years+) Monday to Friday £799.70 £709.70
    Adult (18 years+) Saturday or public holiday £961.40 £871.40
    Adult (18 years+) Cremation only - no service or music.
    Monday to Saturday (limited availability)
    - £396.60
    Child (0 to 17 years) Monday to Saturday no charge no charge
    Stillborn child (Monday to Saturday) no charge no charge


    Description Cost (VAT exempt)
    Chapel organist hired by funeral director £90.00

    Chapel room hire

    Description Cost (VAT exempt)
    Chapel room hire only £360.50
    Additional time slot - double service £360.50

    Optional services

    Description Cost (VAT exempt)
    Disposal of ashes from another crematorium £120.60

    Temporary storage of ashes

    Description Cost (VAT exempt)
    First month no charge
    Thereafter per month or part of month (max period 3 months) £46.40
    Certified extract register of cremation £24.80

    Ashes containers

    Description Cost (VAT exempt)
    Polytainer - plastic urn (undecorated) £8.30
    Scatter tube (decorated) £16.50
    Wooden casket £37.10

    Inscription in Book of Remembrance

    Description Cost (excl VAT) Cost (incl VAT)
    2 lines £107.20 £128.64
    5 lines £160.70 £192.84
    8 lines £230.80 £276.96
    Crests £57.70 £69.24

    Memorial cards

    Description Cost (excl VAT) Cost (incl VAT)
    2 line entry £28.90 £34.68
    5 line entry £41.20 £49.44
    8 line entry £71.10 £85.32
    Crests £57.70 £69.24


    Description Cost (excl VAT) Cost (incl VAT)
    Service webcasting £61.80 £74.16
    Visual recording - 1st USB/DVD £51.50 £61.80
    Visual recording - additional USB/DVD £25.80 £30.96
    Visual recording - Tribute embedded into recording £64.40 £77.28
    Audio recording - 1st USB/DVD £43.00 £51.60
    Audio recording - additional USB/DVD £17.20 £20.64
    Visual tribute - 1st tribute £15.50 £18.60
    Visual tribute - additional tribute £7.80 £9.36
    Visual tribute - per minute of video £4.30 £5.16
    Visual tribute - per photo £1.60 £1.92
    Visual tribute - USB/DVD copy of tribute £25.80 £30.96
    Visual tribute - short notice additional charge (<48hrs) POA* POA*

    *POA - price on application