We understand how important choosing the right memorial can be. They are a lasting reminder of a loved one and a tribute to their life.

There are many different types of memorials you can choose from at Falkirk Crematorium available to families who wish to commemorate their deceased loved ones such as:

  • Inscription in our Book of Remembrance
  • Webcasting funeral service
  • Music and visual tributes
  • Plaque for memorial wall (Camelon Cemetery/Falkirk Crematorium)

Webcasting of a funeral service

Sadly, it is not always possible for friends and family to attend a funeral. Our webcasting service allows the funeral to be recorded and played live over the internet. A discrete camera is fixed at the rear of the chapel and streams the service over the internet for viewing through a secure, password protected website. The funeral service is available to watch online for one week and can be converted to DVD or USB for a more lasting memento.

Music and visual tribute

Our service room is equipped with a state of the art music system that can provide virtually any commercially available piece of music. Whether you prefer classical music or modern pop. The extensive collection allows you to personalise the service to reflect the life of your loved one. Viewing screens also allow you to create a tribute to your loved one using images or videos overlaid with music of your choice. This can be shown before, during or after the service.

Traditional organs are also available if you wish to have an organist play live at the service.

Book of remembrance

The book of remembrance provides an inexpensive yet permanent memorial with entries recorded by hand. The book consists of a number of handmade, richly-bound volumes and has a page for every day of the year. Usually, the entry is placed on the date of death.

The book of remembrance can now be viewed online:

Alternatively, the book is on display within the Chapel throughout the year, with the pages being turned daily. Details of when the books can be viewed are available on our Crematorium page.

Please refer to our fees and charges for costs associated with these services.